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Stop Teaching Writing In Units

no more units Jul 07, 2021

Have you ever sat and thought about why teachers teach writing in units? 

I mean the question really is who is that type of teaching for? 

Teaching writing in a contained unit has us killing and drilling writing into our students.  It is akin to a math teacher simply giving textbook work day in and day out.  

There is a better way.  

In this video we explore why we should ditch those units and look at a better way to teach writing to our students.  

This is exactly how Ignited Literacy is set up. 

We have ditched those boring and outdated writing units had have replaced them with authentic and responsive writing tasks that students love.  

If you are ready to transform your writing program then it's time you checked out the Ignited Literacy program. Click the image below to learn more. 


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